A three-day Teacher Training Workshop organized at DSVV

The quality of an educational institution largely depends on the quality of its teachers, and the quality of teachers is improved through rigorous training. With this objective in mind, a three-day Teacher Training Workshop was organised in the Dev Sanskriti Dishwavidyalaya from 28th June to 30th June. The workshop was jointly inaugurated by the Ex-Professor of NIIT, Prof. Piyush Verma, and the Pro-Vice Chancellor of DSVV, Dr. Chinmay Pandya. Several Formulae for better learning techniques were delivered during the workshop. The main theme of the workshop “Education” can become an effective tool for institutional and social change if the teachers become enlightened and aware, who teach students according to their level and requirement and bring forth their best talents, which in turn promises a continuous positive growth of the society.

During the workshop, Prof. Piyush Verma, threw light on curriculum framing, evaluation methodology, course outlining, meaningful participation of students, quality of ideal teachers in twenty first century, use of action research in daily classes, use of media and techniques in teaching, and various other topics. In parallel with the theoretical subjects training, practical training was also carried out, where video trainings were framed. The success evaluation of the workshop was conducted with the help of pre and post examination, the results of which were quite encouraging.

During the concluding session, Dr. Sukhnandan Singh presented a report of the entire workshop. Addressing the program, the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, said that there is a great need to enhance quality in education in present times. He said that the development of nation is only possible when the quality of education is raised. The progress of the University in the past 17 years has been commendable, but it is necessary to make it more intense, so that an army of civilized and well educated citizens is developed who ,in turn, become a conductor of positive change through “Thought Revolution” not only in the nation but in the entire world.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor congratulated Prof. Piyush Verma and the teachers of the University for the success of the workshop. He assured of organizing such workshops regularly in the near future. Dr. Pandya gave away certificates to all the teachers and honored Prof. Piyush Verma with a memento and a Manta chaadar.

Dr. Smita Vashistha, the Deputy Registrar, Dr. Umakant Indoliya, the Head of the Department of Tourism Management, Dr. Santosh Kumar Vishwakarma, the Head of the Department of Psychology and Dr. Vandana Singh played an important role in the coordination and  management of the workshop. All the teachers of the University attended the program.