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In addition to offering undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral programmes in wide array of subjects such as Yoga and Human Consciousness, Psychology, Indian History and Culture, Theology, Computer Science and Application, Animation, Holistic Health, Tourism, Mathematics, Rural Entrepreneurship and Development, Environmental Science, Life Management, Scientific Spirituality, Languages, Education, Journalism and Mass Communication etc., the university specializes in the character development of its students through fostering an uplifted lifestyle based on the spiritual practices of east and the west. The result is well-rounded and dynamic graduates who wish to channel their skills towards serving the needs of society.

The List of Schools, Faculties and Departments :

S.No. Departments Faculty Name of School
1 Yogic Sciences and Human Consciousness Yog and Health School of Indology
2 Ayurveda, Yagya Sciences and Holistic Health
3 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
4 Vedic Studies and Sanskrit Indian Languages
5 Hindi
6 Indian History and Culture Music and Indian Culture
7 Indian Classical Music
8 English Humanities and Social Sciences School of
Humanities, Social
Sciences and
Foundation Courses
9 Education
10 Psychology
11 Life Management Foundation Courses
12 Scientific Spirituality
13 Theology and Divinity
14 Computer Sciences Technology and Management School of Technology, Communication and Management
15 Mathematics
16 Tourism Management
17 Journalism and Mass Communication Communication
18 Animation and Visual Effects
19 Medicinal Plants Biological Sciences Biological Sciences and Sustainability
20 Environmental Sciences
21 Rural Studies and Sustainability Rural Studies and Sustainability