Security Personnel of DSVV carry out cleanliness campaign at banks of River Ganga

On last Sunday, in the midst of Navratris, the staff members of the Security Department of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya participated in the River Ganga Cleanliness Campaign. They took the responsibility of cleaning the Geeta Kuteer Ghat near Saptrishi. River Ganga is sacred and is looked upon as a form of Mother in India apart from being considered as Mokshadayani (providing liberation) and ultimate form of purity. The water of River Ganga is considered to be an integral part of human life from birth to death. In current scenario, view of River Ganga is in a pathetic state.

It was with huge devotion to the Mother Ganga that the Security staff members, purely voluntarily, carried out the cleanliness campaign. They collected all the waste and polythene bags scattered all around the Ghat and loaded the garbage onto a Tractor Trolley and finally handled the trolley to the Municipality. The campaign that ran for almost two hours, around two quintals of garbage was collected. There were twenty staff members besides the Chief of the Security Department, Shri M.K. Sharma, who registered their presence at the event.

The Pro Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Chinmay Pandya, speaking at the event said that cleanliness is our first priority which goes hand in hand with security. In Navratris, besides cleaning our minds, cleanliness of places around us is also necessary. The University has always been willing to carry out such campaigns. The campus witnesses many cleanliness campaigns from time to time wherein a collective involvement of teachers and students is seen.

The members of the Security Department expressed a feeling of pride while performing the work of social interest. They also said that, in order to keep the campaign going, a group of twenty staff members would carry out the cleanliness on every Sunday, from there on.