Amenities » Health and Medical Aid

The available medical facilities include:-

  • Triage and Assessment Centre: includes a dispensary, pharmacy and facility to provide initial emergency treatment to 4 patients.
  • O.P.D. Clinic: Constant  availability of Physicians and Ayurvedic Consultants on site.
  • Physiotherapy Services: Wax Bath, Ultrasound, IFT, Short Wave Diathermy, Traction, Pulleys etc.
  • Yoga Arogya Polyclinic with specialist Services in Yoga Therapy, Marma Therapy, Acupressure, Yagya Therapy and Pranic Healing
  • Psychological Disorders Clinic with counseling rooms to provide various types of psychological therapies
  • Naturopathy Centre: Natural Treatment, Steam Bath, Spinal Bath, Hip Bath, Sun Bath, Mud Therapy, Massage, Color Therapy etc.
  • Panchkarma Centre: Massage, Shirodhara, Vaman, Vasti, Nasya etc.
  • Ambulance facility is also available on site

Additionally, a 50 bed multi-specialty hospital with free access to health care for staff and students is also located in the premises of the Shantikunj campus, which is the Headquarter of the sponsoring body of the University.