Participation in the National Seminar at Graphics Era University

The Department of Tourism Management of the Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya performed well in the National Seminar held at Graphic Era University. The Department also played an important role in the organization of the seminar. Various research papers were presented on the topic “Digital Technology for Tourism Transformation and Trends”. The Heads of the Department, Dr. Arunesh Parashar and Dr. Umakant Indolia, chaired various sessions during the subject of the session – Tourism and Technology. Both of them were also honored for contributing to the field of Tourism. Various students and respected members from different states of the nation participated in the seminar. The main focus of their ideas was technology and hospitality. Students studying in MBA and BBA of the Tourism Department of the University presented papers on the subjects like Techno-Tourism, Techno Economic Tourism, Techno Tourism Sustainability, Hospitality and Techno Sustainability. In all the presentations, Prachi Sharma from MBA course and Devavrata Pathak and Shivam from B.B.A. course were judged as the best paper presenters of the seminar.

Important roles were played in the seminar by Dr. Avanendu Pandey, Shri Prakar Singh Pal, Shri Ajay Bhardwaj, Shri Prasoon Kumar and others from the Tourism Department of the University.