Shramdaan organized by the Department of Theology and Divinity

Shramdaan (Donation of Labor) was called by the Department of Theology and Divinity at large level in the Cleanliness Fortnight. In this campaign, apart from the 20 cadets of NCC, the entire department was present in the program. The outline of the program was drafted by the head of the Department Shri Durgesh Dwivedi. Shri Om Prakash Tejra and Shri Pawan Rajouria conducted the Survey and the distribution of the areas for the program.

The campaign started with all the volunteers, cadets, teachers and others participating from Gate Number 1 and 2 of the University. The campaign ended at back at Gate Number 1. It is to be noted that during the Cleanliness Fortnight, there are various programs being run in the University. Various departments of the University also participated in the campaign.

On the occasion, Shri Sharad Pardhy, the Vice Chancellor of the University, said that the concept of “service with cleanliness” (shramdaan) is one of the activities of our mission.

Concluding the program, the general public was invited and appealed to participate in the cleanliness awareness campaign. Pamphlets and Slogans were distributed at various places.