Student Support System » Training, Placement & Recruitment

The University strives to maintain the high standards of ethics and quality in research, teaching and administration. As a result, the University has established itself as an epitome of moral and technical education and has addressed the need of a modern day academic institution which can extend solutions to current day problems with ancestral wisdom.

The Training & Placement Cell of the University plays a vital role in identifying the gaps in which students need to cope with the fast changing trends of the industry. These gaps are filled by providing training that offer support to the regular academic processes such as designing a CV, spoken/written English, Interviews skills, group discussions, debates and public speaking, computer knowledge, job placement and career counseling.

A unique feature of the university is seen in terms of Jeevandani (Life donors) and Samaydani (Time Donors) karyakartas (Volunteers) working as faculty and staff. Faculties are so recruited that the students have access to highly trained mentors and teachers who are experts in the various fields of study.

To ensure that teaching standards are constantly enhanced, the University regularly conducts formal and informal feedback sessions from students. In addition, faculty members are encouraged to attend national and international seminars to gain current understanding in their field and incorporate in prepared syllabi.